Monday 6 September 2010

VholdR Contour HD 1080 vs GoPro HERO HD

The two "blockbusters" helmetcams one beside other for a raw comparison... (Thanks to SportKam, for supply the units for the test).

Thursday 8 July 2010

"Los Pepes" trail. Multicam.

The next video almost burns me...  My computer hangs continously. Too many bytes and rare codecs...  too many hours of edition.
I hope, it will be interesting (curious, at least)

Senda de "Los Pepes" from montonm on Vimeo.

Lumix DMC TS1 + wide lens 0,45x
This is my 'main' camera, recording at 720p on the helmet with the handicraft angle lens conversor that you can see here.

Is a not well known camera, was mounted on the top of the helmet of Ruben. Ruben follows me riding 'Los Pepes'. You can see here some extended videos.

MiniDV MD80 "shitcam" + wide lens 0,38x
The 'shitcam' was mounted on the helmet facing back. Helmet is not the best place to mount back-cameras, becouse in cornering the image moves out excessively to sides. Camelback is better place to do it.

Definitely, the 'shitcam' has not quality enough to fill an HD format. The video comes with 30,9 fps more or less (not any standard), jumps every few frames and has a lot of wooble.

Footage from X170 and 'shitcam' fits well into little windows, but  in the big one  the difference with  Lumix is notorious. So I decided to use short appearances and colours.

Wednesday 2 June 2010

The "follow-cam"

There is a new place to put a 'helmetcam'

The Anti-Gravity Follow-Cam on Rio from Dean Wilkes on Vimeo.

Dean Wilkes discovers an original system to record himself and the trail where he is riding. ¡incredible trail!, I think.

I dont have seen what is the mounting system, but I suposed it could be easy to try. With some material that I had I improvised a mounting and a very first experiment.

custodio-cam / follow-cam from montonm on Vimeo.

Next coming more... I hope

Friday 7 May 2010

Expanding Lumix FT1 (TS1) capabilities

That's 'MASSA Optics 30,5 mm Professional 0,45X Wide Angle Lens for DC/DV Japan'. Becouse it is intended for a 30,5 mm thread, was necessary to do some handicraft for to attach it.
An aluminium plate fixes the lens to the camera helped by a kind of 'super-Velcro' and some rubber band (piece of inner tube) for greater attachment.

The angle vision of Lumix DMC FT1 (TS1) improves notably. HD mode (narrowed than VGA) can now be used easily. Subject does not go out of frame and the perception of shaking decreases too. Please look at this video test without any edition or stabilization:

Espadan en crudo - Juanma from montonm on Vimeo.

If you are thinking about to do some similar, please note that 30,5 mm is not big enough for size of the DMC FT1 (TS1) objective. (at VGA resolution all four corners are trimmed...)

Tuesday 9 March 2010

Rocket-style on-board point of view.

Thanks to Rich Staley from Great Basin Bicycles we can appreciate these mountainbiking videos 'rocket-style':

Mount Rose Meadows - Tahoe Rim Trail - POV - Great Basin Bicycles - Singletrack - Reno Mountain Bike Trail from Rich Staley on Vimeo.

Really, I would not call this 'helmetcam' but all kind of on-board or subjective video riding bicycles are welcomed in this blog.
Rich recorded his videos with a Sony lipstick camera plugged to a miniDV camcorder. The camera was holded in front of the bike frame: 'The clamps that I made for the bike are relatively simple. There are two clamps, one around the bottom of the head tube, and one around the top tube of the bike. They are simple circles cut in half then jointed at one end, with a bolt on the other side so that they can clam shell around the frame. I have then tapped one bolt hole into the clamp to hold the camera'

I like very much the speed sense that is transmited by this recording system. I think is due to combination of a low point of view and a narrow trail. The angle on inclination in corners adds dynamism.
Of course this setting thrashs largely the more usual mounting in handlebar that, in my opinion is not good because of infuriating movement from side to side, mainly in slow paths
Here you can see one more:

Caughlin Mountain Bike Singletrack - Great Basin Bicycles- Reno Tahoe Nevada from Rich Staley on Vimeo.
Many other videos from Rich Staley in Great Basin Bicycles in that you can find trail maps arround Reno, Nevada (USA)

Saturday 27 February 2010

AEE MINI DV MD80 clon "shitcam"

Can you buy a helmet camera that really works for $18.00 ?
more or less.... that's the MINI DV MD80 (clon of AEE MINI DV MD80). It does not the perfect camera ;-) but $ 18,00 including shipping from Hong Kong !!!!!

Wednesday 27 January 2010

Lumix DMC TS1 (FT1 in Europe) samples

VIDEO VGA resolution.
Lumix TS1 records good VGA videos: White balance, exposure and contrast are better than any specific 'helmet' cam that I know.
Angle wide (28 mm equivalent) is enough for helmet use, it is waterproof and seems strong for outdoor sports.
Internal stabilization works moderately good in VGA resolutions but it's not infalible. I would prefer that TS1 had the possibility to turn off the steady function. (I think that PC software would improve their results).

enduro Onda 09 from montonm on Vimeo.

This video was edited with Premiere Elemments that forces me to work at 1280x720 and then to resize to its original resolution at 640x480 with VirtualDub (That may be one cause of noticeable pixelation in Vimeo. You can download best sample HERE)
Most of these sequences have not been stabilized by software, and there are some shots with other cameras.

Recording at HD resolution (720p) is superb to make impressive images but is more difficult to obtain smooth sequences. The Lumix TS1 stabilizer works worse than in VGA resolution, and PC software may not prevent all shakes.
Another little problem with HD is that angle wide is the same, but  image format is narrowed. It's more difficult to frame the subject.

Las emboscadas de la Bicuerca from montonm on Vimeo.

This is my first complete MTB video in HD (720p) resolution. Only a few sequences have been stabilized in the edition process.
An aditional difficulty in european model (FT1) is that Lumix records only 8 minutes continuously (15 minutes in "AVCHD lite" compression).