Thursday 8 July 2010

"Los Pepes" trail. Multicam.

The next video almost burns me...  My computer hangs continously. Too many bytes and rare codecs...  too many hours of edition.
I hope, it will be interesting (curious, at least)

Senda de "Los Pepes" from montonm on Vimeo.

Lumix DMC TS1 + wide lens 0,45x
This is my 'main' camera, recording at 720p on the helmet with the handicraft angle lens conversor that you can see here.

Is a not well known camera, was mounted on the top of the helmet of Ruben. Ruben follows me riding 'Los Pepes'. You can see here some extended videos.

MiniDV MD80 "shitcam" + wide lens 0,38x
The 'shitcam' was mounted on the helmet facing back. Helmet is not the best place to mount back-cameras, becouse in cornering the image moves out excessively to sides. Camelback is better place to do it.

Definitely, the 'shitcam' has not quality enough to fill an HD format. The video comes with 30,9 fps more or less (not any standard), jumps every few frames and has a lot of wooble.

Footage from X170 and 'shitcam' fits well into little windows, but  in the big one  the difference with  Lumix is notorious. So I decided to use short appearances and colours.

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