Friday 7 May 2010

Expanding Lumix FT1 (TS1) capabilities

That's 'MASSA Optics 30,5 mm Professional 0,45X Wide Angle Lens for DC/DV Japan'. Becouse it is intended for a 30,5 mm thread, was necessary to do some handicraft for to attach it.
An aluminium plate fixes the lens to the camera helped by a kind of 'super-Velcro' and some rubber band (piece of inner tube) for greater attachment.

The angle vision of Lumix DMC FT1 (TS1) improves notably. HD mode (narrowed than VGA) can now be used easily. Subject does not go out of frame and the perception of shaking decreases too. Please look at this video test without any edition or stabilization:

Espadan en crudo - Juanma from montonm on Vimeo.

If you are thinking about to do some similar, please note that 30,5 mm is not big enough for size of the DMC FT1 (TS1) objective. (at VGA resolution all four corners are trimmed...)

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Ole Mahtte Eira Tellefsen said...

Hi. I´ve made a similar thing, after reading your post, and bought the 37mm, this is also to narrow, the corners are cut.
Ole Mahtte Eira Tellefsen