Saturday 27 February 2010

AEE MINI DV MD80 clon "shitcam"

Can you buy a helmet camera that really works for $18.00 ?
more or less.... that's the MINI DV MD80 (clon of AEE MINI DV MD80). It does not the perfect camera ;-) but $ 18,00 including shipping from Hong Kong !!!!!

It's very small, easy to fit to every place, and records 720*480 30fps video into micro SD with acceptable image quality.
However two important issues prevent us to use it as a main helmetcam: great WOBBLE and the ANGLE LENS.
Some friends from Agachaelomo (cycling club in Cordoba, Spain) are experimenting with Deshaker, plug-in for VirtualDub, (next video) and improving the camera with with angle conversor for iPod (second video)

The wide angle conversor minimizes the shaking and the wobble (jello effect), and overall performance of the camera. It can be bought about $ 15.00. (there are cheaper and crappy ones).

At next video you can see a practical demonstration of the angle lens importance, comparing the shitcam with a 28mm equivalent of a Lumix DMC FT1 (TS1)

For references, wide angle lenses in helmetcams are GoPro Hero HD, with  170º  (or 127º depending resolution) also Contour HD are 135º and POV 1.5 are 110º. All that accord their specifications offered by manufacturers (not tested).
Under 70-75º it results more difficult to frame the rider in front of you. If you have planned to buy a camera for helmetcam use, should search for less than 30 mm equivalent.


Farid said...

What brand/speed SD card did you use with the shitcam?

I've read that the quallity of de SD card has a huge effect on the jelly effect.


montonm said...

I have used class 4 SD, with noticeable jelly effect.
(the first two videos in this post are not mine, and I dont know SD class)
But, as you said, is possible that speed card influences wobble. I'll try it in next tests

Farid said...

Excellent. I'll look forward to seeing the results.

According to the people in this topic there is a big difference between class 4 and 6 cards:

Jack said...

But another kind of mini dv md80,have very good quality and very cheap ,did you tired that one?

soure from:

montonm said...

the cam you say is exactly that I have used... (I bougth 3)

OK, is cheap and "good-quality-for- money", but not "good quality" (I think)

I will publish some entry about angle lenses. Now in spanish:

Jamie said...

I use the MD80 for motor racing and would love to know where i can find one of these lense converters? I have found the jelly ones, but they arent the same?

montonm said...

Most of lens converters are bought in eBay or Dealextreme:


Tom Stark said...

Yuck! The "jello" effect just makes me sick to my stomach. However, after you added the conversor it doesn't look so terrible, especially considering the price. Seems to be a decent first helmet cam for a young-ling, if it holds up well enough...

Technopsis said...

I got this camera a while back hoping it would make decent shots for my snowboard trip. I had a lot of bad luck on that trip and ended up with no usefull shots whatsoever. I did however write down my experiences with this cheap, small and rather crappy camera. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone.

Find my complete review here:

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