Wednesday 27 January 2010

Lumix DMC TS1 (FT1 in Europe) samples

VIDEO VGA resolution.
Lumix TS1 records good VGA videos: White balance, exposure and contrast are better than any specific 'helmet' cam that I know.
Angle wide (28 mm equivalent) is enough for helmet use, it is waterproof and seems strong for outdoor sports.
Internal stabilization works moderately good in VGA resolutions but it's not infalible. I would prefer that TS1 had the possibility to turn off the steady function. (I think that PC software would improve their results).

enduro Onda 09 from montonm on Vimeo.

This video was edited with Premiere Elemments that forces me to work at 1280x720 and then to resize to its original resolution at 640x480 with VirtualDub (That may be one cause of noticeable pixelation in Vimeo. You can download best sample HERE)
Most of these sequences have not been stabilized by software, and there are some shots with other cameras.

Recording at HD resolution (720p) is superb to make impressive images but is more difficult to obtain smooth sequences. The Lumix TS1 stabilizer works worse than in VGA resolution, and PC software may not prevent all shakes.
Another little problem with HD is that angle wide is the same, but  image format is narrowed. It's more difficult to frame the subject.

Las emboscadas de la Bicuerca from montonm on Vimeo.

This is my first complete MTB video in HD (720p) resolution. Only a few sequences have been stabilized in the edition process.
An aditional difficulty in european model (FT1) is that Lumix records only 8 minutes continuously (15 minutes in "AVCHD lite" compression).


Anonymous said...

Hi, nice review (and nice video ;))
How many minutes could I record with a SD card (in continuously shot)?

I read that Europe version is limited to 29 minute. Is it true?


montonm said...


European models are limited to 15 min. and 2 GB for continuous recording.
It means 15 min. in AVCHD (limit 15 min.) and around 8 min. in JPEG HD (limit: 2GB)

I'm not sure, but I think that TS1 (American model) does not have the 15 min. limitation. It can take unlimited recordings in AVCHD.

I hope a blessed hacker resolve that. Panasonic do it for a ridiculous tariff saving.

Anonymous said...

Hi, thank you for the answer
15 minutes.. It is a ridicolous thing..

I will search some info about US version..

Thank you again!