Tuesday 9 March 2010

Rocket-style on-board point of view.

Thanks to Rich Staley from Great Basin Bicycles we can appreciate these mountainbiking videos 'rocket-style':

Mount Rose Meadows - Tahoe Rim Trail - POV - Great Basin Bicycles - Singletrack - Reno Mountain Bike Trail from Rich Staley on Vimeo.

Really, I would not call this 'helmetcam' but all kind of on-board or subjective video riding bicycles are welcomed in this blog.
Rich recorded his videos with a Sony lipstick camera plugged to a miniDV camcorder. The camera was holded in front of the bike frame: 'The clamps that I made for the bike are relatively simple. There are two clamps, one around the bottom of the head tube, and one around the top tube of the bike. They are simple circles cut in half then jointed at one end, with a bolt on the other side so that they can clam shell around the frame. I have then tapped one bolt hole into the clamp to hold the camera'

I like very much the speed sense that is transmited by this recording system. I think is due to combination of a low point of view and a narrow trail. The angle on inclination in corners adds dynamism.
Of course this setting thrashs largely the more usual mounting in handlebar that, in my opinion is not good because of infuriating movement from side to side, mainly in slow paths
Here you can see one more:

Caughlin Mountain Bike Singletrack - Great Basin Bicycles- Reno Tahoe Nevada from Rich Staley on Vimeo.
Many other videos from Rich Staley in Great Basin Bicycles in that you can find trail maps arround Reno, Nevada (USA)

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