Thursday 19 May 2011

Fix the horizon

Perhaps the main problem to resolve when you want shot a helmetcam video is how obtain the correct frame, for a long time!
It is not difficult when you places the camera in the helmet: Once the position is verified, all you had to do is to maintain your head an point to straight.
The problem is bigger on chest-cam assembly, because the angle of trunk is variable depending ride situations. Unavoidably.

This is my first invention that really runs. It is a simple seesaw or swing, with a hydraulic damper of a modelling shock absorber. Aspect is pretty bulky, but it's only a first prototype.

The camera is the Lumix TS1 with the wide angle adapter.

Next some pictures:

Preceding experiences with 'shitcams' using the gear disc used to smooth eject in old tape-decks:

Other mechanism for a soft swing applied to a 'standard' hardware:

At my first and worst experience, I tried to slow down the swing with some 'flubber' (blandi-blub, moko-loko...) between concentric pieces.  A complete disaster:

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