Saturday 28 November 2009

H.EXP. 1.2 -return to origins-

Cycle is closing and I have retorned to similar mounting system that I had used at first experiences about helmetcam.

The camera is mounted at side of the helmet, and a counterweight must be placed in the other side. Light weight of  the Lumix and a low center of gravity, (compared with miniDV), makes this system more comfortable and stable.

In this helmet (Casco Viper MX) is easy to place the anchoring for the camera and the counterweight using the holes designed for the dismountable chinguard.

The trick to lock the anchorage is to use a piece of exact thickness and a dismountable 'claw'. I have tested two different systems.

Summarizing, (useful in all helmetcams):
- Low center of gravity
- Well balanced counterweight

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