Thursday 1 December 2005

H.EXP 2.0 second Helmetcam EXPerience

Is here the new recording system: One bullet cam Viosport Adventure Cam III  connected into miniDV  camcorder placed in the camelback, and a LANC switch to command on-off and rec-stop operations
Whereas the design of complete system is more useable, their optical quality, light sensibility and exposure are under miniDV standard.

LANC switch are strongly recommended. Please take attention, nowadays only a few camcorders have LANC entry and analog Video-IN.

Many wires and items: bullet-cam, miniDV, battery pack, LANC wire... you must be tidy, and better to choose a backpack to recording that you don't dismantle at each ride.

KDD Moralzarzal-Navacerrada from montonm on Vimeo.
The video is recorded in Navacerrada mountains (in Madrid, Spain). KDD means 'Que-da-da' (an improvised meeting for bike ride, normally convocated from a internet mail-list or forum.

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