Tuesday 3 January 2012

AEE SD20 -Review & tests-

That's the new clon of GoPro that AEE manufactures in China and several resellers distribute around the world: ActionPro (in Germany) Yo! HD 1080 (in Spain)...

The AEE SD20 includes together most of the accessories that are optional in the GoPro brand, and also laser pointer and wireless control.

That's all that is enclosed in the kit from spanish seller SportKam:

Camera; Battery; Waterproof case; TFT screen backpack; Wireless remote control; clamp for remote control; 2 adhesive flat mounts; 1 adhesive curved mount; 3 articulated arms; Charger; USB cable; audio-video cable; Bag.

How works all that.

For recording video the main unit is enough. It has its own push buttons for taking photo and for start/stop video recording. A switch on/off and another switch called 'VOX' to activate the start/stop function by sounds.

The remote control is not essential. Only is usefull on mountings in that you don't reach the buttons. It is necessary for to activate the laser pointer for a while.

The screen backpack let you to watch that you are recording or to play video. Is not necessary to carry it, but is the only way to change the setting (video mode or other settings)

Inside the waterproof case only fits the main unit, not the screen backpack. The two push buttons are functional, but not the two switches.
The case has a flat lens protector (unlike the GoPro). Seems tha there are two types: The case that I have tested and another with dismountable lens protector. The unit tested makes the laser pointer totally unfunctional (the ray aims to the opaque circle around the lens...)

The mount pieces are very similar to the GoPro ones but not equals. You can mix arms from both brands forcing them, but not the mount pieces.

The main unit and the waterproof case are gifted with universal screw for tripod.

Video modes.

The camera has 5 video modes:
1080p 30 fps (1920 x 1080) 16:9
960p 30 fps (1280 x 960) 4:3
720p 60 fps (1280 x 720) 16:9
720p 30 fps (1280 x 720) 16:9
XWGA 30 fps (1080 x 480) 16:9

That is a test to compare the angle view in every mode:

720p and XWG modes have the same angle view and 960p keeps the same width but surprisingly the 1080p mode reduces notably the view field.

The Maths indicates the next:
AEE SD20 1080p h. angle: 78º diagonal angle 85º
AEE SD20 720p h. angle: 106º diagonal angle 114º
AEE SD20 960p h. angle: 106º diagonal angle 118º

As ever, nothing is like manufacturers pretend, (not in this camera but either that I have tested).
For comparative purposes, next I show the trigonometrical results for other well-known cameras:
GoPro HD HERO 960p h.ang: 120º diagonal angle: 130º
GoPro HD HERO 1080p h.ang: 103º diagonal angle: 111º
GoPro HD HERO 720p h.ang: 120º diagonal angle: 126º
Contour 1080 HD 720p h.ang: 97º diagonal angle: 105º
Contour 1080 HD 960p h.ang: 97º diagonal angle: 110º

First tests.

Here you can see some footage, with original audio and without edition work.
The camera was mounted in an improved chest cam, that keep in place the camera correctly, without stability problems. No waterproof case reducing the sound. Video mode was 720p to 60 fps, with 'slowmotion' samples at the end.
I have used a microSD Kingston class 4 without any problem. The bitrate results about 7.900 kbps.

Next other test. Recorded at 960p to 30 fps and cropped to 16:9 aspect:

And finally, a collection of direct footage recorded at other resolutions (in more difficult light conditions)


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Anonymous said...

Thank you for this review. its really hard to find reviews on this camera.

I have decided i will spend a bit more to get A go pro hero 2.

Also i found this camera has some white balance problems. You can find video about it on the youtube.

Alex Kijsiravej said...

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Jan Hála said...

Hello, is that mount of this cam simillar with mount of GoPro? Because I want to buy this cam, but I want to buy accessories of GoPro for this cam... Thank you :)

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