Sunday 1 February 2009

7.0 (universal mounting)

Everytime that I start a experiment, I expect it will be the definitive. One more time, I was sure that it would be in this way.

Theoretically, this 7.0 version should be perfect in some matters:
- Impossible to hit or get tangled with branches
- Fits on every camera provided with thread for tripod
- Easy adjust and alignment once calibrated
- Do not need counterweigh even using big camcorders
Idea was to use a full helmet, and hanging the camera under the chin guard. In inverse position, for more simplicity.

Work consists in inserting in the foam of the chin guard two striated aluminum bars, and fix it with epoxi glue (two compound, one of few useable with poliestyrene). The other pieces are, as usual, manufactured with saw, drill and file.
Next images shows the Canon MV5 directly attached an H.EXP 7.0, in the first test.

Senda de Cucala y otras mas oscuras from montonm on Vimeo.
This was the first video recorded with 7.0 but it does not the best quality that can be obtained becouse a wrong selection of de-interlace options in the exporting process.
The service of the mounting system was pretty good considering weight of camcorder. But now there are many cameras in the market with more resolution, quality of image and less weight than that obsolete miniDV. (like the Lumix in the first photo)

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