Friday 23 June 2006

H.EXP 5.1 -camera at stern-

Recording backwards videos is easy with a bullet-cam. But you need change the angle of the camera or to use a second clip, better. In this experiment I was intending to put the cam behind helmet enough to avoid the usual close-up of the backpack. (I did not achieve it...)

At next video you can see the results of this mounting. the Camera aims a little down, (only a bit: in this composition, you need to view terrain in front of the following rider). And the aluminun rod is short, definitively, I did not like to see the bag jumping ...
Making the arm more long could to bother in narrow paths or low branchs, so I discarded this experiment and began thinking about the next backwards-cam.

Piedra Pomez from montonm on Vimeo.

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